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Rocky Mountain News – September 9, 1881 – Monument Items

Rocky Mountain News, September 9, 1881

The building now used as a station house by the railroad company is soon to be made into a section house and a new building erected for station purposes.

The work of filling the large railroad culverts near town progresses slowly. Not yet have the men completed one of them. The third rail is now just this side of Castle Ro/p>

ck. More men will be put on so as not to delay their progress at this point. At the last meeting of the city council the question of supplying the town with water was discussed, and a committee was appointed to ascertain through County Surveyor Meeks the cost of constructing the same, the proposition being to build a large reservoir on the divide and bring water to the city in ditches. Mr. H. Nourse of Illinois agrees to loan the city the money required to finish the undertaking./p>

The academy again opens on September 23 with Prof. Parkinson as principal. About thirty pupils are already enrolled.