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Friends and Benefactors

Friends and Benefactors

Patrons and Benefactors

The Palmer Lake Historical Society Board would like to thank 2023 PLHS Calendar supporters!

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Past $500+  Donors – Thank YOU!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald

In 2006, a donation was made to the Vaile Museum. We were able to upgrade and greatly enhance the exhibits and displays within the Museum. These funds and others enabled Museum volunteers to act on the pending preservation of artifacts, and begin to expand our educational responsibilities with new materials provided by handouts and publications. Your Vaile Museum has become a special place with the support of the Fitzgeralds.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services

The Institute, with assistance from the American Association of State and Local History, selected the Vaile Museum to be a recipient of the IMLS Connecting to Collections Bookshelf which will be used to further the work of the Vaile Museum.  Our museum volunteers will be given access to the Bookshelf and instructed on the importance of a professional approach in the caring-for and maintenance of the museum collection. Link to the IMLS here:
Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)

Intermountain Rural Electric Association

The IREA has given the Historical Society and specifically the Vaile Museum a 2014 grant. We will use the funds to upgrade and replace the existing fluorescent overhead lighting with replacement LED lighting which will result in lower costs for energy and maintenance. The IREA has assisted the Museum greatly in providing the resources necessary for the preservation, education, and display of our heritage. We are proud to have community-minded organizations such as the IREA recognize the importance of maintaining our priceless history. Many thanks to the IREA Board of Directors and to all of its members! Link to IREA here:

King Foundation

The Vaile Museum recognizes the significant donation by the King Foundation in 2013. The museum was able to use the funds to upgrade displays and continue the preservation of the museum collection. The museum was able to purchase the items necessary to mitigate the occasional flooding, inside the museum, that has occurred regularly. We now have pumps and water alarms that allow a quick reaction to this problem. The Vaile Museum and the PLHS are grateful to the King Foundation for their support.

Lantz Enterprises

Lantz Enterprises has given annual grants to the Vaile Museum since 2002 all dedicated to preservation projects. Their continued support is very much appreciated.

The Questers, Pikes Peak Chapter

Questers are collectors of antiques, collectibles, and history. Questers spend their time learning about their treasures from books, libraries, and friends. Questers help to preserve and restore antiquities, buildings, and historic sites. Questers also help students gain a Master of Arts Degree in Historic Art Conservation by awarding a Fellowship at Winterthur/University of Delaware and a Master of Science Degree in Historic Preservation and Restoration with two Scholarships at Columbia University. The Questers granted the Vaile Museum with over $1,800 dedicated to various preservation projects. Visit the Questers main website here:

Tri-Lakes Views

Tri-Lakes Views is dedicated to the furtherance of the arts and the history of northern El Paso County. The dedicated members of this important local resource have raised and donated over $15,000 to the Tri-Lakes art center and the Lucretia Vaile Museum. In 2003 their $5,000 grant to the museum enabled many projects that helped in preserving and displaying the history of Palmer Lake, Monument, and the Palmer Divide. Link to them here:

Mr. and Mrs. Twenty-Miles (anonymous)

At a time of the Vaile Museums’ greatest need, an anonymous donation of $4,000 was made to the Museum. These funds and others enabled Museum volunteers to begin critical projects that were needed for the preservation of our fine collection of artifacts, and archives. Without this donation, we would not have many of the tools, equipment, and materials that are required in doing museum preservations.

Roger & Kim Ward of “Estemere”

The Wards have allowed the Historical Society to sponsor occasional tours of their home, the Grand Victorian Mansion called Estemere. The Estemere tour has been our largest fundraising event and the proceeds go towards all manner of projects that benefit area residents. There are no tours scheduled for the foreseeable future. For more about Estemere, Click Here.


The Town of Palmer Lake

The Town of Palmer Lake, under a long term lease agreement, provides the space that is home to the Historical Society and the Vaile Museum. Without their continued support, the Museum may not be able to continue. The foresight and the civic pride that the Town and the Historical Society exhibited as far back as 1965 are principal to the existence of the Museum. Visit the Town of Palmer Lake at

The Town of Monument

In October of 2005, the Town of Monument voted to provide a major grant to the Vaile Museum over a period of two years. New preservation, educational, and display initiatives are now a possibility. Earlier, in 2001, the town provided a grant to the Museum that helped greatly in beginning the overdue preservation and display efforts of the Museum. We were able to provide new displays concerning the colorful history of Monument including the “Old Disappearance” cougar display and a new showcase presenting many aspects of Monument history. Visit the Town of Monument at

Palmer Lake Historical Society Members and Friends:

Bob and Elly Hostetler

Paul Lloyd

The Spidell Foundation