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Denver Times – March 19, 1884 – Bad Bear

Denver Times, March 19, 1884

Last evening [Denver & Rio Grande] freight train No. 49 left Denver in three sections bound for Ogden. The first section was in charge of Conductor Mills. All went well until the train arrived at Husted, where it was delayed for an hour and a half from rather a curious cause. The agent of the station, Mr. George C. Hazletine, had gone out for a few moments previous to the arrival of the train, and on his return found that an immense bear weighing in the neighborhood of a thousand pounds had taken possession of the office. Not having received the necessary instructions from the superintendent in the art, his bearship was not competent to take train orders, and as a result, No 49 could not proceed. For some time the bear held possession of the station and amused himself by practicing on the ticker [telegraph]. He was finally driven outside, and the agent got back to his post and soon straightened out matters. At 4 o’clock this morning the bear was still around trying to get in the door and windows, while the poor agent was compelled to camp in the loft.