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Yule Log Festivities

An old English custom, The Yule Log Celebration was brought to Palmer Lake by Lucretia Vaile and Miss Evalena Macy in 1934. They sent for a splinter of the Lake Placid, NY yule log and the first event was held in a local home. Fifty persons went on the hunt for the hidden log resplendent in red or green capes. The first yule log was discovered by C. R. Hays. He was rewarded with a ride astride the log, pulled by the other searchers. They were greeted by 200 cheering residents and visitors. Half of the log was burned with the other half being saved for the next year. A spicy cider drink called Wassail was drunk in great quantities while watching the ceremonies by candle light. Hundreds of yule log splinters have been sent all over the world to those wishing to start their own holiday tradition.

Photos of Recent Yule Log Events