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Denver Republican – July 5, 1901 – Colorado Shows Its Patriotism

Denver Republican, July 5, 1901

Colorado Shows Its Patriotism

Monument, Colo., July 4. Hundreds of people came here today from Palmer Lake, Husted, Colorado Springs and towns east of here on the divide to enjoy the celebration and Woodmen picnic. The committee on arrangements had made elaborate preparations to entertain a large crowd.

The baseball game took place at 10 o’clock this morning, and the speaking occurred this afternoon at 2 o’clock. Rev. George W. Bell of Eastonville and Attorney James A. Orr of Colorado Springs were the speakers. The races took place at 4 o’clock. A number of good horses were entered from Colorado Springs and from the Divide country.

One of the features of the entertainment was a log-sawing contest open to members of the Woodmen’s camps. The winners were John Pribble and George Stamm, who sawed the log in 62 seconds. The log was a pine tree about 22 inches thick. The second team sawed it in 77 seconds. The first prize was a silver mug and the second a box of cigars. Other features of the programme were a sack race and foot race.

A beautiful display of fireworks was given in the evening, and a ball closed the day’s entertainment. This is the first big celebration here in 12 years.