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Denver Republican – December 24, 1902 – Monument Store Robbed—Barber under Suspicion

Denver Republican, December 24, 1902

Monument Store Robbed—Barber under Suspicion

The store of W.B. Walker was robbed again last night. George Shafter, who was running a barber shop between the store and a saloon, is suspected, and a reward of $125 has been offered for his arrest. He had a bedroom behind his shop in the saloon building. He was missing this morning, and a light was still burning in his room.

The door from this room into the saloon had been broken and $5 and a revolver stolen. At Henry Lamar’s blacksmith shop, tools were secured to bore a hole in the back door of Walker’s store. The latch was turned with a wire, but the burglar could not work the night lock, so he broke in the front door. He got about $50 worth of jewelry and articles of clothing, including several pairs of shoes. He emptied a sack of potatoes on the floor and used the sack to put his plunder in.

Walker’s safe was dynamited and the store partly wrecked by burglars six weeks ago.