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The Weekly Gazette – August 24, 1889 – The Monument Fire

The Weekly Gazette, August 24, 1889

The Monument Fire

Sunday about 11 a.m. the residence and harness shop of L.M. McFarland & Son was discovered to be on fire, and at one o’clock was entirely consumed. The flames soon communicated to the Delmonico restaurant, from there to Husted Bros.’ feed store, and in less than two hours all were burned to the ground. By vigorous work the blaze was confined to the buildings mentioned, although fully one-half the town was indirectly exposed. The hard fight was to save Dr. Bonnet’s residence and drug store on the west, the Dunshee block across the street south and Dennis Whalen’s blacksmith and wagon shop on the east. Water was poured on and wet blankets put on the roofs and sides of the buildings, still they were badly scorched, and the glass front of the Dunshee block was completely destroyed. The alarm of fire was given soon after service began at the church, and the whole congregation, including the minister, came down and worked with a will so that all the contents of the restaurant and most of the stock in the feed store were saved.

The ladies in the town deserve special mention. They worked for hours carrying water. Fully half the town was at Palmer Lake attending the Firemen’s picnic when the fire broke out. Agent Warren of the Santa Fe telegraphed to Palmer Lake for help. The Santa Fe company sent a special with the Colorado Springs Hook and Ladder company, but the buildings were all consumed before they arrived. About 7 o’clock the barn of W.B. Walker was discovered to be on fire, but the prompt assistance of the citizens with their pails of water put the fire out before any damage was done.

It is estimated the loss will reach thirty-five hundred dollars. The Walker building in which was situated the restaurant and feed store estimated a loss of $1200; no insurance. L.M. McFarland, loss $1000; insurance on building and stock, $700. Husted Bros. on stock, $200; no insurance. The Dunshee block and Dr. Bonnet’s building about $1100.