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Rocky Mountain News – August 21, 1895 – Divide Potatoes

Rocky Mountain News, August 21, 1895

Divide Potatoes

Monument, Colo., Aug. 20. Carefully prepared statistics show that the potato crop now growing on the Divide is not up to the usual standing. An unusually late spring and long continual rains are the reasons attributed for the shortage. A greater acreage than ever before has been devoted to potatoes this year. A rough estimate gives the Divide 20,000 acres under cultivation, two-thirds of which is planted in potatoes. Four thousand pounds to the acre is considered a low average. Much depends upon the weather, for even half a crop of potatoes. Should the weather continue warm and dry a good half crop will be harvested, making about 550 carloads from Monument.

Grain exceeds all the crops of former years. It is estimated that the grain and hay crops will fully cover the shortage of potatoes. The constant rains have soaked the ground thoroughly, wells and springs all over the county are stronger than ever before. The average number of pounds of rye to the acre is 1,008, of oats 3,205, wheat 671, corn 834, potatoes 4,742. As there is a shortage of the potato crop this year and furthermore as it has not yet been harvested, it is impossible to estimate what the total will be, as all depends upon a short season of warm, dry weather.