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The Glen Park Companies and Their Chautauquas

The Glen Park Companies and Their Chautauquas


This paper traces the lives of three men who played important roles in the development of Palmer Lake in the nineteenth century.

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This paper describes the founding of the Rocky Mountain Chautauqua—the first Chautauqua organized in Colorado—in 1886 and the programs and social activities of the Assemblies, which ran until 1910. There is also an account of the four different companies that, over the next 25 years, were tasked with running the annual sessions and managing the companies’ properties in Glen Park. Included in the paper are photos and biographical sketches of the leading officers and directors of these Chautauqua companies, many of whom were well-known professional men and woman of Colorado.

Occasional Paper No. 3 by Dan Edwards.
spiral-bound, softcover volume, 73 pages, black and white illustrations throughout