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Hotels, Tents and Rustic and Tent Cottages in Glen Park by D.W. Edwards

Hotels, Tents and Rustic and Tent Cottages in Glen Park by D.W. Edwards


This illustrated one hundred and three page book details the life of General William J. Palmer. Palmer was a heroic visionary far ahead of his time. The General was a recipient of the Medal of Honor for action in the Civil War. He went on to found the Denver & Rio Grande railroad (D&RG,) and the City of Colorado Springs. This booklet is a must read in order to understand the area and the man and contains photographs not commonly seen.

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Occasional Paper No. 1 by Daniel W. Edwards.
13 pages, illustrations

During the era of the Rocky Mountain Chautauqua Assembly from 1887 to 1910, hundreds of people came to Glen Park, a community within Palmer Lake, to attend the classes and social activities of the Assembly. This paper gives a description and costs of the housing facilities then available in the Glen, including the unique “tent cottages” first introduced in 1896. There were no street addresses in the Glen, so many cottages were given picturesque names such as Columbine, Glen Bonnie, Hiawatha, Mount Hope, and Wander Inn.