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Die-cast Model Aircraft

B25 Mitchell & P47 ThunderboltThe museum is pleased to now have on display a fine collection of metal die-cast model aircraft with designs from the 1930's and on.  Sleek racers from the 1930's are included along with models of WWI and WWII airplanes.  Some notables are the B-24 Liberator and B-25 Mitchell.  The B-25 was used in the famous Doolittle Tokyo raid early in WWII, on April 18, 1942, where the bombers took off from the Navy aircraft carrier USS Hornet and carried out a bombing raid on Tokyo and other targets.  Although little damage was done, the raid proved to be a huge moral booster for the American people.  Read more about the raid here:  Click here: Doolittle Raid

Travel Air, 1930sThe following is from the Wikipedia and a link to the full article is included at the end.  "Diecast (or die cast, or die-cast) toys were first produced early in the 20th century by manufacturers such as Meccano (Dinky Toys) in the United Kingdom and Dowst Brothers (Tootsietoys) in the United States. The first models on the market were basic, consisting of a small car or van body with no interior. In the early days it was common for impurities in the Zamak alloy to result in metal fatigue; the casting would crack or decompose for no apparent reason. As a result, diecast toys made before World War II are difficult to find in good condition."    Click here: Die-cast toy

Aircraft grouping

WWI grouping

Stinson Reliant, 1935

B24 Liberator and P40 Flying Tiger

Boeing VC-137, 1970s

Lockheed Vega, 1932

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